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Our range of competence has a wide span

International Tech offers to find the relevant workforce within a short time-frame.

The workforce will be at the disposal of the the client on a contractual basis.
We have a large number of programmers, project managers and IT software-
developers, who all posess a vast experience.

For all our consultants you will have access to a fully detailed CV.
International Tech has a wide and deep experience in solving IT projects.

Our core competences are :

   * All types of software, databases etc.
   * Networksolutions
   * Applikations (Oracle, SAP, Navision, Baaen, Microsoft Business Solutions etc.)
   * Branch related solutions
   * Customer Relations Management solutions (CRM)
   * Content Management Solutions (CMS)
   * WEB solutions, WEB portals
   * Telecommunications software
   * Datacommunications software
   * Embedded software

We have a special strength in the areas of SAP, Oracle and WEB-solutions,
to which we have assigned some of Denmarks most skilled developers.